FirstStop WebSearch Visual Edition 4.21: FirstStop WebSearch Visual Edition Web search software for you PC.

FirstStop WebSearch Visual Edition 4.21

Search Visual Edition has the same award winning Lighting-Fast search engine as FirstStop WebSearch Standard Edition and the advanced features of FirstStop WebSearch Deluxe edition, plus the all-NEW FirstStop WebSearch Visualization technology. Powered by the award winning multi-search source engine that powers what has been called the FASTEST no-nonsense search for the net, FirstStop WebSearch Visual Edition also: filters, verifies, aggregates and

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FastGREP Search and Replace tool Fast Search and replace tool for Windows

FastGREP Search and Replace tool

FastGREP is a search and replace tool for Windows. You could use regex or wildcards to find text in multi-files. And you could replace them too. It works so fast than Windows Explorer search or other tools. (1)Fast and easy-use. (2)PCRE regular expressions supported. (3)Supports wildcards also. (4)Supports plain text in regex \Q and \E. (5)Highlight in search and replace. (6)Preview mode for replacing supported. (7)Backup and restore in zip. (8)History

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LAN Search Pro 9.1: LAN Search Pro is a free utility for fast file searching across your LAN.

LAN Search Pro 9.1

LAN Search Pro is a free utility for fast file searching across your LAN. You can search for specific file names or for specific file types (e.g. all MP3 files). LAN Search Pro provides a lightning fast search engine and includes the ability to search hidden network resources, restricted access resources, IP subnets and much more. Portable version available.

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Turbo Searcher Network Edition 3.50: The fastest file search utility through your local or network computers.

Turbo Searcher Network Edition 3.50

Turbo Searcher Network Edition is based on the Turbo Searcher Standard Version, besides including all features of the Standard Version, this version of Turbo Searcher is used in a corporation mainly who has many computers to search. Turbo Searcher Network Edition allows you search into your whole Local Area Network(LAN) quickly, you can specify remote computer name, remote computer IPs, even you can specify an IP ranges to search.

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Search Engine Explorer 4.11: Just try shopping on Search Engine Explorer and you won`t want to back!.

Search Engine Explorer 4.11

search option, the results option, the results search option or by using the search engine navigation tree in the search option. The navigation tree allows you to attach to a search engine, revisit pages from a search engine, display and attach to previous results from a search engine, search a search engine, repeat a previous search on a search engine, change the status of a search engine and revisit previous websites found by a search engine.  

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Xtreeme Search Engine Studio 6: Create a professional search engine for a web site or offline search for CD-ROM

Xtreeme Search Engine Studio 6

Search Engine Studio automatically indexes your web site (with a HTTP crawler, an FTP / local disk scanner, or using an XML file) and then creates a professional, ultra fast search engine for your website (as a binary CGI script or PHP script) or an offline search for CD-ROM / DVD distributions. No installation on server required thanks to a built-in highly optimized database engine! The difference between Search Engine Studio and other search engine

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LAN Find 3.1: Fast file search on network or your computer! Mp3, avi. etc. Lots of features!

LAN Find 3.1

search criteria, ultra fast engine, easy results management, saving and loading, search scheduling, ability to search through hidden shares, and much more! LAN Find key features: - Automatic search through hidden shares. - Fast multithreaded search engine. - Seach scheduling. - Tree for easy navigation. - Search according to the specified criteria (name, type, size, date: created, accessed, modified). - Search selected networks, domains, groups,

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HandyFileSearch 1.1.0: Easy to use feature rich file searching utility. Fast search, accurate results.

HandyFileSearch 1.1.0

Fast searching by file names - quickly searches by file names (partial, * and ? wildcards supported, regular expressions supported, searches within file name only or full path). - Powerful searching by content - search for multiple keywords with AND, OR, NOT. Use * and ? wild cards, regular expressions, search in binary files, search for binary data and much more... - Thumbnail or details view - Searches in ID3 Tags, EXIF, IPTC - quickly search MP3

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MBD Search Engine 2.3: Personal search engine for e-libraries and document archives

MBD Search Engine 2.3

Search Engine uses new methods of searching. This makes our program having unique capabilities of searching both in the student`s computer and in large archive or library containing hundreds or even millions of volumes. Main advantages: - Fast search (1 sec for 100 Gb database) - Search for separate text pages instead of the whole documents as in the most search systems - Fast text pages output from the own internal database without loading source

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ATopSoft FileCake 2.0: Quick file search, view, player, compare, shredder, and remove duplicate files.

ATopSoft FileCake 2.0

Fast search and manage files with number of filter conditions, save your time. The search can be driven by filename, size, date, time stamp, image dimension (width and height), or any string/hex pattern. 3, Search in local area network (LAN). Help you to find your LAN neighbors` share files. 4, Perform many operations on found files, copy, move, rename, delete, shredder, quick view, batch process, and more. File shredder can wipe files permanently

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